Research of biological principals of vegetable plants

  • demand of nutrients and soil
  • demand of temperature, water and air humidity
  • development of plant- and soil examination methods


Applied technological researches

  • development of growing technology of hibrid varieties 
  • Increasing of efficiency of nutrient supply (supporters: government, companies, farms)
  • use of varieties – comparing varieties in small parcels
  • development of seedling production  development of new materials of trays, development of substrate for organic growing
  • organic tomato growing

Researches of quality of yield

  • nitrate- nitrite content regulation 
  • changing of heavy metal content in vegetables
  • examination of consistence of flesh of berries, storage capacity and transport ability of yield
  • breeding of hybrid flesh pepper, support and conservation of important old hybrid varieties

Running PhD topics

  • Effect of grafting on salt tolerance of eggplant, melon and watermelon
  • Effect of grafting on technology of flesh pepper forcing
  • Effect of grafting on taste and inner contents of melons and water melons
  • Development of mycorrhiza inoculation on onion, lettuce and spinach plants.
  • Effects of some organic mushroom protection ways on fliers and pests.
  • Breeding new oyster varieties for minimize amount of spore
  • Increasing of hygiene procedures in mushroom growing